Who are we?

Vetower Ecosystem

The Vetower initiative is a community-driven blockchain project that aims to foster a sustainable ecosystem, incentivizing and rewarding holders for contributing to real-world change. The project's vision is to use VeChain technology to benefit the community and the world, embracing the digital age and uniting the real world with the blockchain through different solutions such as the Vetower store.
The mission is to create an NFT project that identifies and grows the community transparently and sustainably, bringing value to holders through different sources of income. The initiative believes in blockchain technology's power to verify traceability and exclusivity in product markets and sees the potential for NFTs to immortalize special moments in people's lives through blockchain.


Are you ready to experience the latest in NFT technology? Look no further than VeRooms - the collection of 2500 3D NFTs crafted by our incredible artist Centurion, some in collaboration with other successful NFT projects. Each NFT is unique, with over 600 different attributes ensuring that no two are alike. The rarity of each NFT is determined by its frames and attributes, making each one a truly one-of-a-kind addition to your collection.

Our community deserves high-quality NFTs, which is why we’re working on our 3D collection created by artist Centurion. Introducing 2500 unique NFTs, with over 500 varieties. It is not a simple NFT token, it will be full of utilities that you do not want to miss. You will be able to enjoy up to 6 different frames (Vip, Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, and Common).

Paskey Vip

Unlock the full potential of our project with Passkey VIP - the key to maximising your profits and benefiting our community.

At Vetower, we're committed to building a thriving ecosystem and reducing "Paper Hands" in our project. With Passkey VIP, you'll receive a range of exclusive benefits, including:
-Free minting for all our future collections.
-10% of profits from the Vetower store.
-10% discount on all our web3 e-commerce.
-Products, priority in manufacturing and shipping.
-Access to airdrops, special gifts, and raffles.
And the best part? For every 3 VeRooms NFTs you mint, you'll receive a free Passkey VIP!


Q3 2021
First steps towards the creation
of the Vetower brand with is values.
Q3 2021
Creation of the Vetower Collection
and all its variants.
Q4 2021
Registration on social media
networks and vetower.com.
Q2 2022
First publication in twitter, working
on the best strategy for Vetower Store.
Q3-Q4 2022
Giveaways, Whitelist,
Airdrops Passkey Vip.
Q1 2023
Mint VeRooms on the
Vesea marketplace.
Q1 2023
Open Vetower Store.
A 3D Nft collection will be launched
together with our founding artist Centurion.
Elemento #8
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The King

Founder and CEO of the project, I have more than a decade of marketing and sales experience in various companies. I am confident that we can apply this experience to the Vetower project to make it successful and meet the needs of our community in a sustainable way.


Founder and expert developer, he has a proven track record of successful projects and applications. He is confident that this will be the next big project. With over eight years of experience in developing innovative solutions, he is committed to bringing Vetower to the forefront of technology.


Founder and 3D designer, his passion for art and perfection drives him to create unique and memorable pieces. In addition to being a lover of video games and technology, he brings his creativity and technical skills to ensure that every aspect of the NFT project is exceptionally engaging and visually stunning.


Although she is not one of the project founders, she is an important part of our team and community. From the beginning, she has shown great passion and commitment to the project, and her help has been invaluable to us. In addition, she is also an active moderator of our Discord channel. We are grateful to have her as a member of our team and community.


Vetower is an ecosystem where you can enjoy and earn, in addition, you can share unique experiences with other users by implementing the Vechain network with the endless possibilities offered by blockchain technology. Each asset is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token), which allows you to be the sole owner and have full control of said asset and, of course, take advantage of all its benefits.

Our collection is 2500 NFT all different you will not find two equal NFT.

450 Vet Whitelist, 550 Vet Pubilc Mint

If you get involved in our community through Twitter or Discord you will have your place guaranteed.


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